USM Haller Modular Home Office Desk Light Grey & Blue 740 x 770 x 520mm

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I have an excellent USM Haller office desk with slide out tray / drawer to offer.
Available in light grey with blue side panels and a light grey slide out drawer which can be used to either place a keyboard or any knicks and knacks you may have. 
This desk is perfect for the home office, bringing practicality and stylish design together.
The dimensions are as follows;
Depth 20 1/2 inches (52cm)
Height 29 1/4 inches (74cm)
Width 30 inches (77cm)
This is a stunning appearance of this piece and I would rate it 7/10 for condition.
Please be aware this USM Haller unit is heavy, strong and durable.
Please feel free to contact us on should you have any questions about this unit.