USM Haller Modular Sideboard Element Black 1000 x 500mm x 700

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I have a lovely piece of USM Haller modular side board storage element to offer.

Available in black with polished chrome rods. 

The uses and possibilities for this unit are endless and there really isn’t anything as timeless as USM.

Please feel free to let us know if you have any configurations similar that would work for you and we would be happy to let you know what we can do for you.

The dimensions are as follows;

Depth 19 1/4 inches (53cm)

Height 31 1/4 inches (74cm)

Width 40 1/4 inches (102cm)

This is a stunning appearance of this piece and I would rate it 7/10 for condition as with the darker colours (black) showing any marks more than the lighter colours.

Please contact me with regard availability before you purchase.

Please be aware this USM Haller unit is heavy, strong and durable.

Please feel free to contact us on should you have any questions about this unit.